Tree of Life Festival is a psychedelic music arts and lifestyle Gathering.
It is made with A lot of thought, Love and dedication.
Our 5th edition will be held in A new and amazing beach Location, Located in Asprovalta Greece.
and with a huge array of colorful visitors from all over the globe.

Our Vision

Festival Rules

Our Friends 

The Tree of Life Vision…

Psy-Trance community sets an example for harmony and global respect

between so many different nationalities.

We, the Tree of Life crew, believe that we can use that to create a change,

As small as it might be,

that change can grow and become significant for the sake of our children.

Across the years we came to know and work with  many good people

from all over the world, all have the same goal:

leaving behind all politics race and religion,

to connect as one,

to the  Tree of  L i f e !

Therefore, we believe that the way is as important as the goal itself.

and our goal is to help this unity and awareness grow bigger and stronger.

and mostly share the gift of giving without wanting back in return!

the Tree of Life crew is welcoming people who wish to support this vision,

and there is a LOT to be done! even by signing up and staying in contact you

will help creating this change.

Yours Truly,

The Tree of Life Team.

Rules & Recommendations

  • You enter the festival at your own risk.

  • Drugs are illegal in Greece and forbidden in Tree of Life Festival’s area.

  • The festival will not tolerate any acts of violence.

  • Fires are allowed  in  designated areas ONLY.

  • Making fire in a non-designated area can lead to big fires that would destroy the festival’s site.

  • Swimming is allowed in designated areas  ONLY.

  • Swimming by night is forbidden for your own good.

  • Camping, showers and toilets are free of charge, please keep them clean so that others can enjoy as well.

  • Respect the environment and Mother Nature.

  • Do not leave your rubbish on the floor behind you. This is a leave-no-trace event!

  • Do not leave valuables in your tents,there is place for safe keeping at the Info point.

  • The promoter will not be held responsible for any damage or lose of guests property .

  • Love thy neighbour.

  • Loud music and speakers are not allowed on the camping area,we will blast you with our own.

  • Plz dont shout in the camping area,keep it calm and quiet so that your fellow trancers can rest for another day of dancing.

  • Musical instruments are most welcome. (but no trumpets please.)

  • kids under the age of 10 are allowed in for free ,plz keep them safe!

  • Pets are allowed on the festival. only if you keep them under your constant surveillance and vigilance.

  • The promoters will not be responsible for lost animals.

  • In case of any injuries, sickness or problem our professional medical team will be there to assist you and provide you with any help needed.

  • Cars are to park outside the festival for everyone’s comfort. The parking will be under surveillance all festival long.

  • There is a dedicated area for caravans within the festival’s location. Caravans holders are to pay an extra fee of 20€ a day if they wish to park inside the festival.

  • The festival excepts all kinds of currency,according to a fix rate.

  • Fake tickets, wristbands  will not be accepted and any holder/faker will be charged by law.

  • Do not enter the festival without a wristband.

  • People without wristband will be sent back outside from the festival’s site.

  • Ticket counter felting is a crime and subject of persecutions.

  • The Promoter reserves the right of program change.

We wish you a Good Stay!

friends for Life: