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Tree of Life Festival has a strong focus on visual arts with multiple art galleries feat the most organic & colorful

decoration to bring the festival alive !

Applications for getting involved are open now !


Alex Simopoulos (aka Thisisopium) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Greece, currently based in London. His works span across both indoor and outdoor spaces, using a wide variety of mediums. His main interest is creating public murals. He has been on the forefront of the Greek urban art scene and through the years he has collaborated in various projects with artists from every background, exhibited solo in Athens and London and in group shows in the UK, Mexico and Spain and has left his mark in various countries among the world, from Spain and Germany, to Greece and India. His work in the public space is based on a visual language full of spiritual symbolism, using nature and our detachment from it as a key-point to discuss consciousness and the human condition with references that range from primitivism to surrealism. His work has been featured in numerous publications and belongs in private and public collections in Greece and abroad.

Born in Athens, Greece 1990.

2015-2016 Camberwell College of Arts – MA Visual Arts: Illustration

2010-2011 Athens School of Fine Arts – viewers programm

2008-2013 Panteion University – BA International and European Studies

Lives and works in Athens, Greece and London, UK

Mangro Forest

Ferenc  is the  artist by nature. He was born in the year of 1980, in a small town in Ukraine near Hungarian border. From childhood he loved painting. And this creative skilled he inherited from his grandma, whose  oil-painting of  Buddha face he found later.

He was  learning  in The Carpenter College for a 3 years. And at the same time he helped his friend, a student of art school, with his home lessons. All friends around could see his creative potential, and after one year Ferenc decided to try own skills  in art way. It was not an easy decision for a “village boy”. But he made his choice.

Finally  he graduated  Erdeli  institute of Fine Arts and continued to work with interior design and air-brushing.

The time, when he first time opened for himself  a psychedelic culture, changed his life and and turned his mind direction. Ferenc started to experiment with UV-active colors and realize his first deco-projects for festivals as a part of TranscarpatiaArts team. Same time he was very deep in discovering the tribal cultures and ornaments. He used it a lot in his art-works and got his own recognizable style.

At 2009 he met his “best part”, Xenia, who became his  main partner and than a wife. Ideally  complementing each other,  they founded  the art-studio  by the name “Mangro Forest”. Now Xenia is his art-manager,  the person, who participates  in all processes of creation and gives a lot of ideas and inspirations for her husband. As well Xenia  is the Indian classical  dancer and performer. She works on own projects in this area and  keeps a dance for herself as the most great meditation and joy in the life.

“In this days you can find in the treasure of “Mangro Forest” hundreds of realized projects in different areas as painting, wood carving, ceramic, interior design, landscape design, UV-active installations, etc… We  apply  the result of our experiments in nature to our artworks and the number of different materials, techniques and styles grow each day. We  observe the nature as the biggest inspiration that leads us  to discover new areas in art.

We like to travel and spend time in a countryside, far from megapolises. Our main  life-style became a festivals, where you are free to realize any crazy project. Now we keep our focus  on festival and event deco, uv-active painting,   air-brushing and interior design for clubs and restaurants.  

The Art is the way to be yourself. We believe that any art, as it’s a visual art,  music or dance movements, can educate people and help them on the way to new levels of consciousness.   Psychedelic art is  always about “to be honest”, because you share  your own very intim private experience and help people to experience new worlds.  We believe that we can make this world little bit better, doing our art by heart. You can feel,  each piece of our creation keeps  live energy and love.

-Flowers Of Life Deco-

Decoration company that focuses on “glow in the dark” decorations for Festivals, music events, corporate events, home decor. The creations base on sacred form called Mandala. We specialise in holographic decor, an unique way of creating 3d decor floating in the air. The roots of Flowers of Life go as far as 2002 when one of the members Veikko Lappalainen started on creating Uv decorations, paintings, string art, 3D decorations of many sorts. He first started by himself with a name Flower of Life, but when 2 people came to start a company, the company was formed with a name Flowers of Life. The founding members were Veikko Lappalainen, Nicolas Vollar and Antti Vestola. From the beginning the decorations have been shown in parties. Starting from small club/indoor events and groving into big festivals. Some events; Boom 2006, Konemetsä open air forest festival 2005-2009, Flowers of Life forest festival 2010, Lawatanssit open air forest festival 2011, Yaga gathering.


Math, perfection, things that sometimes scares people. They are actually quite natural and just keep a rhythm, rhythm that becomes harmony. Sometimes it is difficult to keep the balance. Sometimes you lose the sense to follow the thread that leads to the final point, but at the end is an endless spiral. That’s why we have advised with Enigma Geometricks and what we understood was – follow your heart!

Didem Kurtoglu (Axis Mundi Project) – VJ 

*Didem Kurtoğlu born in 26.03.1986, graduated from University of Istanbul. Worked in various fashion and women magazines in Turkey as stylist, and studied in fashion design i decide to make my fashion line ( Lupa Underground). I teach myself about digital art, 3d modelling and mapping so i used them in my prints for my clothes. After the unexpected coincidences, i learn to make loops from my patterns and i learn to become a vj. Now i become both professional in costume design and vj’ ing. I am doing costume designs for Tv shows in Turkey, and i do vj’ ing in clubs and festivals. My vj project named Axis Mundi, i have a partner we both work free-lancers. I am so excited to come to make Visual mapping in Tree of Life Festival.*


Yogev Afriat – one of the most talented yet young artists we’ve ever met, this truly gifted painter, rattoo artist & musician will present his works and paint live daily @  Tree of Life festival gallery. Come and watch the master at work. On top you can catch him play some ultra wicked chill music on liquid stage. Total bliss to have him on.