Tree of Life Festival is a psychedelic music arts & lifestyle gathering, but not only that.
It is made with A Lot of thought Love Dedication & Meditation.
On our 5th edition,we are devoted to grow our healing and children areas even further.
because to us it means Life.

Workshops / Healing

Tree of Life Festival 2017 will feature an extensive range of speakers and workshops from around the globe.
Our workshops will feature experienced practitioners, gurus and professionals delivering talks and active sessions in the fields of yoga, music, arts, spiritual, culture and more !

Katarina Milovanovic – Mandala workshop vision quest

Interested about trying a new way of mediation ? Katarina Milovanovic and his Mandala workshop is waiting for you ! You will try an ancient contemplative and spiritual practice which come from indigenous peoples in the Americas, the Sikuli, also known as “Los Ojos de dios”, the eyes of the gods.

Sikuli in indigenous language well known as The Ojos de dios means the God’s eye in Spanish and is type of mandala woven with vibrant colors of yarn on wooden sticks.

It is a practice best associated with the Huichol and Tepehuan tribes of Western Mexico and used in many different forms of spiritual rituals. It can be an object of contemplation, a gift to celebrate, bless or protect.  

The beauty in the Sikuli is that it is a physical manifestation and symbol of seeing the unseen and knowing the unknown seen not only in these local tribes, but across indigenous native peoples across the world including in Nepal and Tibet.  It is a universal symbol of realization that harmonizes the past, present and future.  With its foundation as two crosses forming a geometrical octagonal shield, it is a very human expression of summoning the four cardinal directions, and the four elements to make the invisible visible.  

In this workshop, we will tap into our innate creativity by creating our own beautiful Sikuli inspired through our kundalini breathing meditation.

Through simple, powerful breathing techniques and visualizations, we will enter a state of consciousness where we will receive the perfect inspiration that is needed for that moment in time.  The physical weaving process will then be a meditative exploration of expressing that creative potential.  Why weave instead of sit quietly and wait for grace to descend upon our heads?  It is the same reason in zen monasteries monks rake leaves for hours at a time.  Detailed physical action done in mindful and contemplative silence creates the environment for self-realization.  We enter the “zone” where we feel so completely connected to the Universe, and to everyone and everything around us.  Through the act of weaving, you will practice inner silence, precision, and attention to detail, the power of observation and the connection to your most inspirational Self.  

At the completion of the mandala weaving, we will conclude the workshop with a gentle smudge session to rejuvenate tired eyes and tired hands and to replenish our energy reserves.

Workshop duration 2 hours, starting at 11 am

Max participants per workshop daily – 20

Note: All participants can take their mandala with them after finishing.

NuMundo – Discover transformational experiences

Let’s discover transformational experiences with NuMundo. By this lecture, you will take a journey through NuMundo’s network of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, but also social projects and retreat centers. If you want to learn more about NuMundo, you’re free to have a look on !

Take a journey through our network of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centers.

About NuMundo

NuMundo was birthed in April 2013 by co-founders David Casey, Erika Logie, Shayna Gladstone, and Jennifer Schmidt. They shared a vision of a network of interlinked “impact centers”. Impact Centers are land based projects that offers individual transformation, regenerative living education and strive to leave a positive local impact. An impact center could be an ecovillage, organic farm, yoga retreat center, or even a hostel, as long as they meet this criteria.  NuMundo arose out of a need for better access to information and resources for both travelers and centers. The founder and visionary, David Casey, spent four years traveling to centers in Latin America and realized that there was no centralized channel for people to obtain trustworthy information about these locations and experiences. Over the years, hundreds of people asked him for advice on which places to go, and he understood the clear demand for the NuMundo platform.  David, Erika and Shayna had all helped to run impact centers in the United States and Latin America, and had themselves experienced the challenge of promoting the transformational experiences offered at these centers. They were determined to support these projects by making them more visible and connected through modern web technologies.  NuMundo was born as an online platform in December 2014. We started as a simple directory and have continuously been developing features and strengthening our network, evolving into a booking tool for accommodation, work-trade positions, events, and other experiences at these centers. Our goal is not only to facilitate the experience of educational and transformational travel, but to also support centers by attracting talent and generating resources which will help them increase their local impact.

Paivi Vilhu – Dancing Meditation

Paivi Vilhu will push you on the way of dancing meditation. Let your body and spirit guide you in that fabulous dance therapy !

Here her presentation :

‘The love of dance and music has always been in the core of my expression. The path has been one of exploration, from classical ballet to trance dance, carried always on the side although I launched myself into a more conventional career – a decision that only made the dance came back stronger than before – this time as a tool of transformation and liberation. In this workshop we are invited to become the observer of the movement and develop the art of listening and being receptive to anything that comes up from within while connecting to the wisdom of our bodies – it can be memories, emotions, and physical sensations, and also visions, solutions, new ideas – new life. We practice allowing things to emerge and dance them out! The outcome is usually enhanced well-being and circulation of energy on all levels. It is a combination of elements of dance therapy, active meditation and hints of shamanic practices. We let the body and spirit guide us, rather than dancing out a certain technique or choreography. Open to everyone, no need to ‘know’ how to dance!’

Szabolcs Szudar – Regression Therapy & Soul Memory

*What about me*

I am an awakened soul, what caused my purification process (mentally, emotionally, physically) through the last year. I became aware of the Light of my Soul and it’s navigate back to my original lifepath, what I chose in the spiritual plane. If you find back to your original nature,  you are guided by higher forces. So I started to work with the love and light through meditative states (as lightworker), and the most useful tools to me are the hypnotherapy and the regression therapy. My mission is on the earth plane in this lifetime to help people in the ascension process and share my light & love, and cleanse the low vibrational energies. When your soul shine through your body, you will became a lantern in the darkness.

*Regression therapy*

During my 1-1 session, I used to work with altered state of consciousness, when the connection with the unconscious mind is more direct. In this relaxed state, give the exact command to the mind, we able to recall the needed infos with the related intent/topics from past lives, current life or life between lives. After the past life death, basicly we float up in the spiritual plane, where started an another fascinating journey for understand the experienced lifetime. During a past life journey, you can experience the immortality of your soul and the therapy part of it is to be heal the past life memory with transformational tools what causes positive effects on the current life.


During a regression therapy session, we are able to recall informations from our soulmemory, and does not matter past, future or even, interlife memory. If you want to know, what found the newest research about higher realms, soul aspects, the global shift of consciousness, ancient civilizations and extraterrestrials, this talk is for you.


The hypnotic trance is a natural state of consciousness when the mind becomes inwardly focused. (Like daydreaming) Given suggestions in trance are more likely to go directly to the subconscious than in the wide awake state. Our tools are the suggestions, creative visualizations, metaphors etc… We are able to reprogramming the brain and heal body, mind and soul. My specialities are to use the love&light for healing, build protective shield around the clients and energy management.

You are not your astrology sign WS

Vanessa Videnova will exchange with you about the topic “You are not your astrology sign”, you will talk about the “new astro-psychology”. Let’s read her introduction for more informations!

Let’s be done with all the “I’m this and you’re that” type of astrology, we’re all tired of it. It’s fun, but why not be everything? Why not be capable of anything? How’s that sound? In this lecture you’ll be introduced to the next step. The new astro-psychology sets no boundaries. You’re no longer restricted by your star sign, your moon sign, your mother’s attitude towards you or your past. We’ll talk about the six astrology axes and how to combine and incorporate their energies into our daily lives, so as to find the true definition of “We’re all one” and hopefully, in time, become one, ourselves.

Personal facebook page :

Zsolt Berecz – Chigong, Flowstaff & Thai massage

Zsolt Berecz –  Flowstaff performance, Chigong WS & Thai-massage sessions

Let’s have different spiritual moments with Zsolt Berecz ! You will try Chigong, but also flow staff and enjoy thai massage.

“I’m a traveler, a yoga instructor, a massage therapist, a musician and a street artist. My love for art and movement was always my motivator. I think through working your body you can get to know yourself. Throughout discovering and re-learning your correct movement you can learn how to live your life in balance and happiness. On one of my yoga trips in India I had the fortune to meet Markus Mink, a Tai-Chi master who had remarkable insights into the correct movement. I became his close friend and disciple in the next 10 months and he taught Chigong and a dynamic form of bo staff (a long staff weapon which is used in eastern martial arts such as Kung-fu) which i call Flowstaff. As he led me deeper into the knowledge of energy; i learned the nature of the movements, the subtle anatomy, and the many ways to develop the individual through his movement. He gave me the essence of his knowledge which brought me clarity about the cultivation of energy, so the cultivation of life.”


Chigong is an ancient healing, and health-preservative form of Kung Fu. It contains universal movements with inner awareness, which unveils the natural movements of the body and its limbs. It promotes intuition and uncovers the hidden potentials of the practitioner.

Flow staff

As flow staff is considered a form of juggling, it’s also a workout and can be a spiritual practice. It teaches the body and mind to open up and improvise, to follow the natural patterns of life. It’s extremely healthy for the joints and for the finer, subtler layers of the individual. Workout, healing, a playful activity and a spiritual practice in one.

Throw the staff you can learn correct movement.

If you master your movement you master your life.

Because life is movement itself.

Thai massage

Energy Healing Massage is a healing technique through stretching, acupressure, and rocking, dynamic massage movements. It uses gentle touch from the principles of Qigong to help the pranic/energetic body of the individual to clean itself and release it’s blockages. After a session the receiver feels easy, fresh and sound.