Franziska Ullrich – Franzifaerie / Dancer and Acrobat

Franziska Ullrich is a german dancer and acrobat. She does research and experiments with the topics consciousness and dreams. In her videos and dancing performances she is inspired by nature and animal movements.

Franziska was born in 1996 in Bad Nauheim, Germany.

Since 2015 she is studying fine arts at Kunsthochschule Kassel. Her paintings are based on mind expanded experiences. She does research and experiments with the topics consciousness and dreams. In her videos and dancing performances she is inspired by nature and animal movements. Currently she is looking for alternative ways to bring the people in her surrounding in motion. Participatory works are becoming more important.

Her statement: My art is about creating rooms inside the physical rooms. I absorb the different energies, influences and room aesthetics from the people and surroundings. Thereby a room is created inside the body. This room’s wants to be released and expanded.

Dimitra Zarzouki – Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Dimitra Zarzouki is a bellydancer and specializes in Tribal Fusion Bellydance.She is a founding member of the dance company TribalEast. She has produced and choreographed multiple perfomances as the established perfomance Tribal Gathering in Thessaloniki. She has collaborated with many artists, dance schools and festivals around Greece and Europe. Follow Dimitra Zarzouki in the world of Belydance through a journey from the primitive tribes of the world to the western modern culture.

Fluidum Fire – Fire performances

Attila Oltyan is a fire performance artist from Fluidum Fire team. His art is a powerful combination of circus and martial arts based on 10 years experience of Ninjutsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Aikido and Chen Tai Chi.

Judit Virag and The Yoni Tribe – Tribal fusion belly dance

This year, Judit Lefkovics-Viràg and her wonderful dancer tribe as Yoni Tribe perform for the first time here at the Tree of Festival! This year’s show has – as always – its own important matter : the steps of a woman’s being. A woman who is a wise shaman, a charming seducer, the pain and the corporeality compressed into one body, Her, a child of healing purity and an empowered Shakti all at once. Her existence starts at the original state, she then passes by the state of physical creation which is followed by the awakening and finally, the spiritual liberation. * This is the main thread of the choreographies that are adequately accompanied by powerful and gripping tracks. The audience peers into your soul while dancing. Is an experience of movements of dateless ages, the elemental, the primal, the profound.

Freak Fusion Cabaret

Freak Fusion Cabaret was first held in 2010, as part of a charity event to raise funds for the renovation and development of the Juggler District in Budapest.

Due to popular demand, the INspiral team have made new steps forward, and have restated their goal – to paint the country’s underground scene in entirely new colours with their unique fusion of music and circus elements, while creating an experimental open platform for alternative circus arts. This ever-growing palette of circus, music, visual and movement elements promises to introduce entirely new and colourful forms of art entertainment.

The performance brings to life the mystical world of past century traveling circuses spiced with some dark humor in vaudeville style.

The spectacular juggling, acrobatic, trapeze and burlesque dance performers are the s-cream of the international underground circus life.

The characters of the performance keep their masks on even after their show, mingling with the audience and further building the atmosphere, so anything can happen anywhere at any time!

“Our mission is to take our audience on inspiring and never before experienced musical journeys, through our unique synthesis of concerts, VJ performances, and a never before heard fusion of concerts and electronic music.”