Freak Fusion Cabaret

Freak Fusion Cabaret was first held in 2010, as part of a charity event to raise funds for the renovation and development of the Juggler District in Budapest.

Due to popular demand, the INspiral team have made new steps forward, and have restated their goal – to paint the country’s underground scene in entirely new colours with their unique fusion of music and circus elements, while creating an experimental open platform for alternative circus arts. This ever-growing palette of circus, music, visual and movement elements promises to introduce entirely new and colourful forms of art entertainment.

The performance brings to life the mystical world of past century traveling circuses spiced with some dark humor in vaudeville style.

The spectacular juggling, acrobatic, trapeze and burlesque dance performers are the s-cream of the international underground circus life.

The characters of the performance keep their masks on even after their show, mingling with the audience and further building the atmosphere, so anything can happen anywhere at any time!

“Our mission is to take our audience on inspiring and never before experienced musical journeys, through our unique synthesis of concerts, VJ performances, and a never before heard fusion of concerts and electronic music.”